Alphabetical Markets List
91 markets.
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Caffeine Destiny
California Literary Review
California Wild Magazine
Calliope WebZine
Campus Life Magazine
Canadian Writer's Journal
Canter Magazine
Capture Weekly
Career Magazine
Caribbean Travel & Life
Carriage House Review
Cat Fancy
Catholic Digest
Cats & Kittens Magazine
Cemetery Dance
Cenotaph Pocket Editions
Centura Pro
Ceramics Monthly
Challenging Destiny
Champagne Shivers Magazine
Chance E-zine
Checker Cab Magazine: The Little 'Zine That Could!
Chiaroscuro: Treatments of Light and Shade in Word
Chicago Magazine
Chicago Reader, The
Chicken Soup for the Dog (Cat) Lover's Soul
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Child Magazine
Children's Digest
Children's Playmate
Christian Families Online
Christian Home & School
Christian Science Monitor
Chronicle of the Horse, The
Chronogram Magazine
Circle Magazine, The
Claremont Review, The
Class Act

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