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  • 10 Great Ways to Promote Your Book on the Internet

  • 10 Tips On Working With A Publicist

  • Book Promotion for Introverts

  • Book Signings: What They Are and Are Not

  • Bribes, Threats and Naked Readings

  • Developing Your Book's Promotional Plan

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon (for authors)

  • Get Your Name in the News Now!

  • How I Make ARCs

  • How to Do a Promotional Sheet

  • How to get Booked on Oprah

  • How to Promote a Book Signing

  • Ideas for Promoting Your Book

  • Lessons from a Book-Signing Disaster

  • Marketing Advice for the Very Small or Self-Publisher

  • Marketing To Libraries

  • Marketing to Libraries: ALA Library Fact Sheet Number 5

  • Marketing With Postcards

  • Marketing Your Fiction and Poetry Through Press Releases

  • Media Clippings: What to Do with Your Review/Article

  • Online Marketing, Step 1

  • Online Marketing, Step 2

  • Online Marketing, Step 3

  • Online Marketing, Step 4

  • Online Marketing, Step 5

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