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A-List for Fantasy Fiction
A-List for the most requested fantasy novels. An excellent way to keep up with what is selling in the fantasy novel market.

Books on Fantasy & Science Fiction Writing
Collection of books about fantasy & science fiction writing from the Writer's Bookstore.

The Online Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Convention Magazine

Fantasy writing content on
Links to fantasy writing related content on
Gothic.Net is a subcultural nexus -- an intersection of gothic/industrial modern subculture, raw edged horror fiction, and the no holds barred attitude born of the Internet. provides links to hundreds of resources for fantasy and sf writers..

International Horror Guild (IHG)
The International Horror Guild (originally the International Horror Critics Guild) was created in 1995 as a way to recognize the achievements of those who create in the field of Horror and Dark Fantasy.

Locus Magazine
Website for the print version of Locus Magazine which provides book reviews, articles and inside information on the Science Fiction field.

Market List, The
Market resource for fantasy, horror and science fiction markets.

Newsgroup: alt.gothic.announce
Newsgroup for the announcement of gothic events and news

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