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A Path of One's One: What Teens Should Know About
A Path of One's Own is our first book project. This is a call for essays.

Fate Magazine
Fate magazine serves as the authoritative magazine on the paranormal. Each monthly offers true reports of the strange and unknown, as well as features on mystical experiences and book reviews.

Hope Magazine
Hope is a solutions-oriented journal focused on people addressing personal and societal challenges with uncommon courage and integrity.

Hot Rod Your Head Webzine
A webzine that explores the limits of human potential. Some believe there are no limits. We think, at the very least, humanity has not yet come close to reaching it's full potential.

Magical Blend
Magical Blend accepts the premise that society is undergoing a fundamental transformation. A new world view is being born, and whether this birth is to be an easy or difficult one will depend largely upon the individual.

MARGIN: Exploring Modern Magical Realism
MARGIN is the world's only continuous survey of literary magical realism. Our goal is to explore modern magical realism.

Mountain Astrologer, The
An astrology magazine with approximately 18 feature articles and columns, a forecast section, and a letters section which acts as a venue for quick responses to published articles as well as a general forum for new ideas in astrology.

New Age Journal
Insights, news and information for the New Age community, about alternative health, spirituality, wellness

New Age Travel
Information and Referral Site for transformational and experiential travel to sacred places
Online journal of news and insights for the New Age

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