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A parenting site dealing with all aspects of parenting, special sections for frugal living, humor.

AlbemarleKids Magazine
Parenting Magazine on topics for parents about kids and family life: health, education, trends, etc.

American Baby
American Baby is the complete guide to new parenthood, covering everything expectant and new parents need to know about pregnancy and baby care.

Boise Family Magazine
Boise Family Magazine is a free parenting and family magazine for Boise, Idaho and outlying communities.

Brain, Child
Brain, Child is for and by mothers who like to think about what raising children does for and to the mind and soul. Includes essays, features, contrasting opinions, humor, reviews, fiction, art, cartoons, and readers' own stories.

Christian Home & School
Christian Home & School is published by Christian Schools International for parents who send their children to Christian schools. The magazine aims to promote Christian education and to address a wide range of parenting topics.
Articles and information on close-knit families and friends.

Curious Parents Magazine
Curious Parents Magazine serves as an innovative resource guide for inspired parenting. Great publication for beginning writers looking to get published. Distributed througout the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area, CP Magazine has loyal readers.

ePregnancy Magazine
ePregnancy Magazine is a national monthly print magazine offering articles about everything related to pregnancy.

FamilyFun Magazine
FamilyFun celebrates all the fun things families can do together, from throwing parties and making crafts to taking trips and cooking great food.

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