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things-and-other-stuff newsletter

Publisher: things-and-other-stuff

Established: 2002

Frequency: Monthly

Circulation: Avg. 213 per day in 9/02, up to 269/day in 10/02

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Monthly newsletter used to promote online collectibles shop. We sell vintage sports & movie collectibles--we need articles about the stars & collectibles!

Editor(s): Clifford Aliperti


Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Address: 49 West 22 Street

Huntington Station, NY 11746


Rights: First.

Needs: 1. Movie Star Profiles/Bios. Pre-1950 stars only please, though stars that started long before then and continued long after are certainly welcome (ie: Clark Gable, Henry Fonda, Katherine Hepburn). Honestly would prefer work on stars already linked on the Entertainment main page. Be creative, but factual. 500-1,000 words please.

2. Baseball Star Profiles/Bios. Again, Pre-1950 stars if you could. Looking for stuff on Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams, and then Dead Ball Era Players. Honestly would prefer work on stars already linked on the Sports main page. Be creative, but factual. Also, 500-1,000 words preferred.

3. Spotlight on Collectibles. Check out my catalog to see the types of items I am selling. Obviously in this case these would bring precedence. But I'm interested in all types of eclectic collectibles, mostly baseball and movie related and paper items. Educate the subscribers, educate me! Do it in 500-1,500 words.

Length: 500-1,000 words, up to 1,500 words for collectibles articles.

Art/Photo Needs: None at this time.

Payment: We will pay $5 per article, payment to be released upon publication of newsletter. You will receive a byline in the newsletter. We may opt to publish your article as actual site content as well in which case you will also be credited with a byline on our site. For all articles published on the web site you may receive an active link to your own site in exchange for a link to our home page. Newsletters are to be archived on the site indefinitely, however if your article is published elsewhere on our site you may request its removal from that portion of the site at anytime.

How to Submit: Please cut & paste your submission into the body of an e-mail to We will not open any Microsoft Word Attachments!

Response Time: You will hear back from us within a week-two weeks.

Tips for Writers: Articles on Movie & Baseball Stars should be creative, but factual. We don't want a simple overview of the stars career, but an expansion on an interesting tidbit instead.

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: Either visit or send a blank e-mail to:

This listing was lated updated on Nov-11-2002.

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