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Canter Magazine

Established: 2001

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: The Literary Journal for Equestrians. Canter Magazine is a quarterly consumer magazine aimed at equestrians and horse enthusiasts.

Editor(s): Becki Bell


Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Address: PO Box 720522

San Jose, CA 95172

Rights: First rights.

Needs: Canter is particularly interested in articles that appeal to a horse person's literary interests. This includes: horse-related art and literature (past or present day artists and writers who have represented the horse in some unique way), historical (either individual horses and riders, or the horse's role in a particular era), cultural (how horses are valued in other parts of the world), travel (horse-related destinations such as Kentucky or the Spanish Riding School┬Śnot necessarily just "riding" destinations), collectibles (antique cavalry bits, Breyer horses, etc.), profiles (people or horses in the horse world who are doing something besides just winning ribbons and trophies), breed profiles (which should include information about the breed's historical development or cultural significance), reviews of horse related books and movies, and some fiction and poetry. Canter is not interested in articles about riding, training, or veterinary care.

Length: 1,000 to 2,000 words

Art/Photo Needs: State availability of photographs with query.

Payment: Payment for feature-length articles is $25. Columns pay $10. These are preliminary rates, which will be in effect for the first two years of publication. Writers who work with us in the early stages of the magazine will be given preference for future assignments, and the rate of pay will scale accordingly. The magazine buys first-time rights. Payment is on publication. We offer a 25% kill fee for accepted, completed articles not deemed suitable for publication in our magazine.

How to Submit: Send a one-page query by email only to Include a detailed outline of what you will be writing about, and what specific or unique angle you have on the subject. The letter should demonstrate your ability to write and your knowledge of the subject. Please don't send one-sentence subject proposals or questions. If possible, attach links to writing samples. Let us know if and where you have been published in the past.

Response Time: Two weeks.

Tips for Writers: Find some unique new way of looking at your subject. We are particularly interested in topics that illustrate how the horse has had an impact on human culture throughout history.

This listing was lated updated on Apr-12-2002.

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