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World's Best New Age Auction Magazine

Publisher: World's Best New Age Auction

Established: 2001

Circulation: 2,000

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Alternative Spirituality Magazine (including Wiccan) Celebrating New Age Fiction, Articles, Essays, Interviews

Editor(s): Kay Nelsen


Phone: 303-457-1196

Fax: 303-457-1196

Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Address: P.O. Box 330099

Northglenn, CO 80233


Rights: Psychic Pathways (Owner of World's Best New Age Auction) acquires first time rights to all manuscripts, poetry, etc., published, and second reprint rights for the chapbooks. All other rights will revert to you.

Needs: We are looking for exceptional creative writing, fiction and non-fiction, not previously published. We need writings concerning the metaphysical properties of gems, information on crystal healing, crystal observing and crystal intuitives. We need information on Magical symbols as throughout the Ages, symbols of all types have been considered magical We need information on the The Various Shamanics Path - Yes, They All Lead to God. We want to know what aids you in keeping on your chosen spiritual path? Do you have certain rituals, mantras, creative thoughts, etc, that aid you in consciouslly realizing your goal...that of being one with whatever you perceive to be your God? Please tell our path to be brighter too! We need information on ETs and Other Entities. Please send stories you have concerning ETS, any sightings, what you feel them to be, anything at all concerning ETs. Fiction of a Positive Nature, often speaking of the other side. Fiction which moves, fictions which enlightens. Poetry from the Soul - Uplifting poetry. A beacon of your spirituality for others to see. Quotes and Affirmations - Enough to Drive You to Higher Realms Personal Psychic Experiences - Tis the Season to be Psychic. The world is waking up as we speak. We need book reviews. We need interviews, and no, the person does not have to be "famous".

Art/Photo Needs: New Age Art, Wiccan Photography, anything uplifting and beautiful

Payment: You will be paid in crystals which will consist of either raw mineral specimens or cut gems. We pay in crystals for two reasons, first the Editor is a Gemologist and believes in their value. She knows that they work to heal. The second reason is the type of person who contributes to this magazine also knows their value.

How to Submit: Send only one prose piece and/or one to three poems at a time. Please DO NOT send as an attachment. No attachments WILL BE READ as we do not wish to have a virsus. Please send as a part of the e-mail file (except for pictures). (Please E-mail your prose submissions separately from poetry as different editors are assigned to each. Submissions may also be sent via hard-copy AND DISK and must enclose an SASE or will not be returned. if you wish to submit via hardcopy, you MUST ALL ALSO SEND A DISK FORMATTED IN .DOC OR .TXT, or your submission will not be read. Please also send an SASE, disk, and hard copy submission to:
Psychic Pathways
Attention: Kay Nelsen, Editor
P.O. Box 330099
Northglenn, Colorado 80233
Attention: Submission for World's Best New Age Auction On-Line Journal

Response Time: It takes us one week to two months.

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: Please see our on-line magazine at

This listing was lated updated on Jan-22-2001.

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