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Curious Parents Magazine

Publisher: John Piccone

Established: 2002

Frequency: monthly

Circulation: 110,000

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Curious Parents Magazine serves as an innovative resource guide for inspired parenting. Great publication for beginning writers looking to get published. Distributed througout the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area, CP Magazine has loyal readers.

Editor(s): Pat Jenei, Sabatino Mangini, Kyra De Blaker


Phone: 856-608-1081

Fax: 856-608-1902

Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Address: 301 North Church Street, Suite 226

Moorestown, NJ 08090


Rights: We reserve the right to hold articles for a period on one year and will make any editorial changes deemed appropriate.

Needs: Features and columns that focus on helping parents raise their children. Content deals with education, parenting, sports, camps, faith, beliefs, culture, local events, Q&A with prominent people.

Length: Departments/Columns: 500-700 Features: 700-1000

Art/Photo Needs: 8 X 10 Photos, 4X5 transparency, digital photos, 9X11 300 DPI.

How to Submit: Microsoft Word 98 Attachments

Managing Editor Pat Jenei 856-608-1081

Editor Sabatino Mangini 856-608-1106

Response Time: 1-4 weeks

Tips for Writers: Keep in mind you're writing for women 35-50 age range. Provide insightful information for parents, but still make your writing lively and entertaining.

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: Contact Pat Jenei

This listing was lated updated on Jan-10-2003.

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