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Publisher: sidereality publishing

Established: 2002

Circulation: New publication

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Bimonthly poetry e-journal, with content leaning heaving towards the speculative and experimental.

Editor(s): Clayton A. Couch


Phone: N/A

Fax: N/A

Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Address: N/A

Columbia, SC 29209

Rights: We purchase first printing world exclusive rights for two months, after which time you may republish your work elsewhere, so long as sidereality is noted as the original publisher.

Needs: Although there is no payment for prose at this time, sidereality is always looking for quality poetry-related articles and essays. What we mean here by “poetry-related” is rather broad, since there are all manner of subjects that could potentially fall under this umbrella.

As with the poetry, an unusual article – whether in form or content – is more likely to get our attention than something run-of-the-mill. Email submissions only, no simultaneous submissions, and no reprints. Send article submissions as .DOC or .RTF attached files to managingeditor@sidereality with “ARTICLE SUBMISSION” in the subject line.

Review Guidlines are the same as the Article Guidelines listed above. Note that we are looking for reviews of poetry chapbooks/books, as well as for reviews of CDs, films, other books, etc. that may interest our readers. Send reviews submissions as .DOC or .RTF attached files to with “REVIEW SUBMISSION” in the subject line.

If you have a chapbook/book that you would like the sidereality staff to review, please contact the Managing Editor with a query.

Length: Open standards.

Art/Photo Needs: This publication is not an art gallery, and we display only a small number of visual art pieces per issue. That being said, if you have some artwork that you would like the editors to consider for inclusion in an issue of sidereality, please send an email query to

We cannot pay for art at this time.

Payment: For poetry, we pay $2.00 USD, and payment is upon acceptance. This rate will hopefully increase in the near future. For reviews, articles, and visual art, we cannot pay anything at this time. Again, this may change in the future.

We would like to pay our writers via PayPal, which allows anyone with an email address to receive payments. If by chance you live overseas, or are unable to receive PayPal payments, contact in order to arrange an alternative.

How to Submit: We will be accepting only email submissions for sidereality (send poetry to with "SUBMISSION" in the subject line). Submissions embedded within an email message are OK, as well as .DOC or .RTF attached files. Please include your mailing address and email address with your submission.

Response Time: One to two weeks.

Tips for Writers: Send your best work.

This listing was lated updated on Mar-10-2002.

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