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Ephemera, Inc.

Website URL:

Description: Irreverent, Provocative, Original and Outrageously Funny Slogans for use on Buttons, Magnets & Stickers

Editor(s): Ed Polish


Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Address: PO Box 490

Phoenix, OR 97535


Needs: You'll find our stuff in many cutting edge card & gift shops, bookstores, music stores, gay & left wing shops, porno stores, etc. We’re looking for satirical slogans about pop culture, politics & the president, job attitudes, women's & men’s issues, coffee, booze, pot, drugs, religion, food, aging, teens, gays & lesbians, sexual come-ons & put-downs. But please don't limit yourself to these topics, surprise us! Our buttons and magnets are small, so we are looking for HIGH IMPACT gem s of wit stated in AS FEW WORDS AS POSSIBLE. Ephemera has a reputation for coming up with the boldest, funniest, most provocative material on the market. We encourage you to be as weird, twisted or rude as you like. Remember, we want humor that makes us laugh out loud!

Payment: We pay $50 for the exclusive rights to each slogan that we buy. All payment checks are iss ued UPON ACCEPTANCE. We will send you some samples when we print them.

Tips for Writers: Expect our initial response within 1-5 months depending on how backlogged we are. We’re always looking for fresh material. Before we manufacture, we test-market the slogans we’re considering with some of our stores around the country. If we like any of your slogans we will inform you which ones we are planning to test. If your material is a hit with our buyers you can expect payment and some samples. Our illustrated catalog is available for $4.00.

This listing was lated updated on Aug-10-2003.

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