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Backwards City Review

Publisher: Backwards City Publications

Established: 2004

Frequency: 2 times per year

Circulation: 300

Accepts Email Submissions: No

Website URL:

Description: Backwards City Review gathers strong voices from different styles and genres in order to create a journal that caters to the world above, beyond, below, around, near, within-sight-of and slightly out of tune with conventional literary outlets.

Editor(s): Gerry Canavan, Tom Christopher, Don Ezra Cruz, Patrick Egan, Jaimee Hills

Masthead URL: Click here for the masthead webpage.


Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Address: PO Box 41317

Greensboro, NC 27404


Rights: First North American Serial Online, if the writer agrees Anthology, for if we ever have one

Needs: With regards to styles, themes, and genres, anything goes in the Backwards City, as long as it's well-written and evocative.

Length: Fiction and Nonfiction: 10,000 words max, no minimum Comics: 20 pages max, no minimum

Art/Photo Needs: We take black-and-white art and black-and-white photography, and we're particularly interested in graphic narrative and comic lit.

Payment: We pay in copies, and cash for the contest winners.

How to Submit: Mail slides and pages to:

Backwards City Review
PO Box 41317
Greensboro, NC 27404-1317

Response Time: 4-6 months

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: Subscription: $12 Sample Copy: $6

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