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A Path of One's One: What Teens Should Know About

Publisher: Rational Paganism

Established: 2002

Circulation: pageviews 1100

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: A Path of One's Own is our first book project. This is a call for essays.

Editor(s): Julie Ann Dawson


Fax: 856-933-3752

Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Address: 201 Leed Ave

Bellmawr, NJ 08031

Rights: Author agrees to grant potential publisher the right to reproduce the work in other media as part of said completed collection in a non-exclusive capacity. Author retains all other rights to the work. (i.e. if the publisher wanted to produce the book as a

Needs: Purpose: To give teens the chance to understand the spiritual side of choosing an alternative faith, and to help them understand the rewards and consequences of that choice.

Topics: What brought you to your current path, the "moment of truth" that confirmed your choice, what it really means to be (fill-in-the-blank), Dealing with the prejudices, fears, and misinformation of others. No spells, rituals, or similar "how-to" submissions will be considered. The purpose of this collection is to provide information and build tolerance, not “recruit” or bash traditional faiths.

Length: Essay length: 500 to 2500 words

Payment: Authors will receive one copy of the finished book upon completion.

How to Submit: Please send submissions to All submissions should be in sent in the body of the e-mail. Any submissions sent as attachments without previous authorization will not be opened. If your e-mail server does not support larger files, either try to send the document in RTF format or e-mail ahead for permission to send as an attachment. This procedure is necessary to protect against viruses. Submissions should include your full name, pen name, and a short bio.

Response Time: Approximately two weeks.

This listing was lated updated on Apr-12-2004.

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