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The Cynic Online Magazine

Publisher: Blackemire Enterprises

Established: 2000

Frequency: monthly/bimonthly

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: The Cynic Online Magazine believes that it's simply too hard in this world to get ahead let alone get published and exists solely to provide an arena for writers to attempt publication that is more accessible to the everyday average Joe.

Editor(s): Charity Blackemire/John Blackemire


Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Needs: We need good opinionated editorials or commentary and short stories (any genre). We are also looking to serialize a novel or two (any genre will do). We also love poetry, which has its own section We also like humor, check out our Farce-Haven Tribune and see if you'd like to submit an item or two.

Length: Stories in general may be no longer than 5000 words (please see our guidelines for details). Works of longer length such as novellas or novels may be serialized.

Art/Photo Needs: We love art. We love photography too. Send it to us, nothing freaky. Nudity is okay as long as it is tasteful - please see our submisssion guidelines.

Payment: We post your story on line for the world to see but will include a short bio and contact information with the work. Also, if your work is of a high caliber, we may offer you a place with the magazine as a monthly contributor or staff writer. Of course, since The Cynic Online Magazine is an entirely volunteer effort, this does not pay either. (It may one day, who knows?).

How to Submit: Email your work in Microsoft Word or Rich Text format to us at If your work is large, like a novella or novel please send us a 5000 word sample. Artwork and photography--please don't send us anything larger than 500K in size in jpg or gif format.

Response Time: We respond to queries and submissions within 10 days. This can change depending on how much volume we recieve.

Tips for Writers: Just send in your work-you'll never know what we like.

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: The Cynic's free for viewing by anyone with access to the Internet. It's at Have fun!

This listing was lated updated on Jun-10-2003.

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