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Parenting Consultation Services

Publisher: Parenting Consultation Services

Established: April 1999

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: We are dedicated to promoting family values and offering parenting and family articles and resources

Editor(s): Dan & Jo Ann Wentzel


Phone: 507-584-6749

Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Address: Box #206

Dexter, MN 55926


Rights: We will buy only one - time rights, but would appreciate being able to archive your article for three months.

Needs: We want articles on parenting topics. These can include foster parenting, step-parenting, adoption issues, grandparenting, teen problems, and issues concerning raising children of all ages including married children. We wish to print topics to help parents who seem overwhelmed, or just need to hone their parenting skills.

We will also accept family activity articles such as unusual family vacations or events, projects, parties, or low budget day trips. Family traditions and geneaology topics are welcome.

Relationship topics are of interest to us, especially marriage. Do you have secrets to share on how to keep a marriage healthy and happy? Do you have solutions for keeping marriages strong enough to survive the tough times?

We are also interested in issues concerning senior citizens and how that impacts family life and the children in the family.

Stress relief, inspiration, and humor are valuable tools for parents when raising challenging kids. These types of submissions will also be accepted.

Articles should be conversational, interesting, and fun. Our site has a Christian slant, but we are more concerned with teaching family values than presenting a preachy sermon. We want uplifting, supportive, and encouraging endings regardless of the topic. Let us know if the article has appeared elsewhere.

Length: We will accept original articles between 300 & 500 words, no poetry or fiction at this time.

Payment: We want to avoid the risk of overextending our new, so we will begin slowly. We will buy only a few articles each month at this time.We will pay $25 for original, first time printed material and $10 for reprints. Checks will be mailed within two weeks of appearance of your article.

How to Submit: We can accept submissions in Word formats. Please check submissions for spelling and grammar and make sure the work is your own. Copy and paste your submission right into your e-mail rather than send attachments.

Response Time: As we begin, we intend to respond to manuscripts within one week. After we get busier, it will be longer.

Tips for Writers: If your submission is accepted, we will require a five sentence bio and a photo of the writer.

This listing was lated updated on Jun-11-2001.

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