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Publisher: Joanne Kolebar

Established: 2002

Circulation: new startup

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Site is dedictated to topics pertinent to women. Within each category, content will include pertinent articles, topical forums, as well as informative links and other reference items.

Editor(s): Joanne Kolebar


Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Rights: Works submitted remain in the author’s copyright and will not be made available to any other source, outside of this website, without the author’s permission.

Needs: Please see site for specific detail. Brief description of topics include: To Your Health: Looking for articles targeted at women’s health topics. This can include specific conditions/diseases prevalent in women, current treatments and/or coping strategies, perspectives of women living with debilitating conditions. Single and Loving It (or Not): Looking for articles which address the challenge and/or benefits of being single, including expectations and pressures felt, the dating scene, finding the right partner, and dealing with the biological clock issue. Mom (or Moms to-be) Zone: Obviously a pretty broad category and we would like articles focusing on various topics including family planning, pregnancy, child development, tips/tricks, humorous commentaries, educational strategies, etc. Financial Matters: Articles should focus on saving/investment strategies, maintain/obtaining financial independence, estate planning, financial planning, and equal compensation. The Great Balancing Act: Articles needed focus on time and priority management, including but not limited to family, spouses, outside activities, career, and self. Career Woman: Article topics can focus on determining your career interests, career mapping, education, reaching beyond career barriers, tips on advancement, switching careers, etc. Celebrating Women: Specifically we are seeking articles that focus on women who have targeted their lives towards a specific goal and have found success. This can mean anything from the career woman, stay at home mom, outside employment mom, entrepreneurs, single, married, and the list goes on. Everyday Living: This section is designed to focus on the lighter side of life. Possible articles would include fun/upbeat commentaries, travel adventure/destinations, fitness, sports featuring women, hobbies, arts, and other general interests. Life After Retirement: Articles could include the empty-nester syndrome, women’s guide to retirement, redefining life after retirement, current events/issues affecting the retirement community, and specific hobbies/interests/travel. The Literary Woman: On a monthly basis, we would like to feature a book of the month, including a review. In addition, we will feature other book reviews, short stories, and poetry.

Length: Open

Art/Photo Needs: Any art and or photography that fits in with the categories described above.

Payment: Articles, and other works, will be updated on a monthly basis. Works submitted remain in the author’s copyright and will not be made available to any other source, outside of this website, without the author’s permission. In addition, for articles published on this site, we will be more than happy to add a brief bio about the author and/or promote published works.

How to Submit: Please submit in an electronic format, Microsoft Word preferred.

Response Time: 2 weeks

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: First edition will hit the internet July 2002.

This listing was lated updated on Jun-10-2002.

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