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BTG Magazine

Publisher: Beyond Words Pty Ltd

Established: 1999

Circulation: 30000 Bimonthly

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL: No Website Available

Description: BTG Magazine is an Australian niche travel magazine for backpackers and independant travellers in Australia. BTG presents a savvy, streetwise and contemporary view on backpacking in Australia. TLE - travel, lesiure, and entertainment.

Editor(s): Jason Buchan


Phone: 02-9552 1886

Fax: 02-9552 3933

Address: 87 Glebe Point Road

Sydney, NSW 2037


Rights: Beyond Words Pty Ltd has the copywrite to stories, and no material can be reproduced without the permission of the publisher.


BTG Magazine is a bimonthly publication devoted to backpackers and independent travellers, travelling in Australia. BTG is interested in any article, query, story idea, that covers the following:


DESTINATION ARTICLES: Travel pieces that relate to Australian destinations. Trip stories, with emphasis on adventures that readers can duplicate. ‘Daily Log’ format discouraged, in favour of interpreting the trip planning, unusual occurrences, and lessons learned, discoveries not in guidebooks, ect. Budget travel emphasised.

OFF-BEAT AND RECREATIONAL TRAVEL: Stories that inform and encourage active living and travel

HUMOR: Tongue and Cheek pieces on subjects related to TLE (Travel, Leisure, and Entertainment). The motto here is: Cheeky but not nasty.

  • What’s on around the country (mixing art, culture, and going out and dance/music events. 50 – 70 word bio’s on each). Total words for each issue: 1800
  • Movie and CD reviews
  • MP3 Player reviews
  • INTERVIEWS: Up and coming artists touring Australia, personalities, and backpackers themselves. Interviews in BTG may follow either a narrative format, in which the interviewee’s response are woven into the fabric of an article; or a Q/A format, in which the interviewers questions and the interviewee’s questions answers appear together.
  • PERSONALITY PROFILES: We are looking for unusual experiences, experienced by travellers. Not necessarily Australian specific. The importance is on extraordinary experiences.


  • Reviews of what backpackers should have in their backpacks. Ranging from the essentials (sleeping bag, toothbrush) to the luxuries (MP3 Players, electronic equipment that provides entertainment for those long waits at coach terminals, airports ect.) The criteria for the stock list are that it should be: new, useful, practical, and/or entertaining.


  • What, how, when, where, why for work opportunities in Australia. Stories relating to where you can find work, experience something different, and agency work.


  • In each issue BTG will cover an ultimate destination (EG: Antarctica, The Andes). The story is written in the context of the image used in the story. IE: Where the photo was taken, the uniqueness of the place, how to get there, why you would want to, and cost.


    Content is the most important criterion for us in evaluating a query or story. We want only 2 things: Good writing and original ideas. We want to know if the material will have something useful to amuse, teach, and inspire our readers, and if so whether it will be sufficiently important to them to justify making room for it in an issue of BTG. If the article is about an Australian destination, is the destination suited to backpackers and independent travellers that will excite the reader’s interest? Or is there something else that gives the story an edge to entice our readers? Is the writing clear, expressive, and well organised – or would the piece need a lot of editing? We are looking for practical articles promoting Australia, good times, and great travel experiences. We like human interest stories, inspirational pieces, features on uncovered areas, seasonal material, humorous pieces.

    Length: open

    Art/Photo Needs: Photography can be sent as jpeg (300 DPI) or sent to us on CD (300 DPI).

    Payment: Our text rates range between $100 and $250 depending on the length and research involved in preparing the article. Most feature stories run approximately 1200 words and the average fee $150. We pay by the word – 10 cents per word.

    We pay direct into the writers account. What we require is Bank Name, BSB number, Account Number. Invoices must include an ABN Number (Australian Tax purposes) or an equilvent number that indicates he or she is registered under a business name.

    How to Submit: Microsoft Word email to:

    Response Time: Accepting submissions for the Aug-Sep 2002 issue, Oct-Nov 2002, Dec-Jan ect...

    Tips for Writers: Content is the most important criterion for us in evaluating a query or story. We want only 2 things: Good writing and original ideas. BTG is interested in any article, query, story idea, that covers our requirments as stated in our 'Writers Guidlines'. Write to with story ideas and critique (EG: story angle)

    Sample Copies/Subscription Information: On request we post out a copy.

    This listing was lated updated on Jul-21-2002.

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