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Mockingbird Journal

Publisher: Doyle DeWoody

Established: 2003

Frequency: monthly

Circulation: 10000

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: A monthly journal celebrating the heart and art of life in the South.

Editor(s): Celia Stevens


Phone: 941.924.1333

Fax: 941.924.1682

Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Address: 1905 Baywood Drive

Sarasota, FL 34231


Rights: first serial rights plus right to our web site

Needs: Non fiction - anything related to life in the South.
Fiction - no fantasy, sci-fi, porn.
2,000 words max.
See departments and submissions on web site for particulars

Length: open

Art/Photo Needs: Always looking for good watercolors of Southern topics.

Purchase photos and art with articles when appropriate

Payment: typically up to $150 per page, regular contributors may earn more

How to Submit:, or mail to physical address. enclose SASE if postal.

Prefer Word.

Response Time: 2 weeks

Tips for Writers: Wholesome writing, heart warming stories, humor

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: subscribe at

sample copies $4.00

This listing was lated updated on Jun-10-2003.

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