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Checker Cab Magazine: The Little 'Zine That Could!

Publisher: Katy Lawson

Established: 2005

Frequency: Quarterly

Circulation: 400

Accepts Email Submissions: No

Website URL: No Website Available

Description: Checker Cab Magazine is a vehicle that fiction writers can take on the road to success. In addition to short stories, we also need poetry, non-fiction articles and reviews, and graphic depictions of Checker cabs and cars.

Editor(s): Katy Lawson


Address: P. O. Box 1464

North Highlands, CA 95660


Rights: One time usage, with rights reverting to contributor

Needs: Fiction: looking for short stories. No explicit sex or gratuitous adult language. Only what the story needs to make it work. We will consider experimental or genre fiction, but only if it works. Non-fiction: looking for book and movie reviews. (Hint: it doesn't have to be new, just easily available. Something you would recommend, and tell us why). Poetry: nothing too lengthy. Checker Cab Magazine is full of short snippets, but good.

Length: Open.

Art/Photo Needs: It has to be simple, something that photocopies. B/W line art. We could use some artsy checkerboard graphics, with bending lines like ribbons? Sorry, we don't have an art director yet.

Payment: Ten dollars per published original story, poem, non-fiction article, or graphic. Pays on acceptance.

How to Submit: We prefer hard copy sent to our snail mail address. If you want your ms returned, please include enough postage for its return. If not, we will assume that you want us to recycle it. Please include your contact info, including email, on front page. Word counts help a lot. If we can use your work, we'll get in touch about file format later.

Response Time: 1 week to 1 month

Tips for Writers: If time permits, I might scribble questions or suggestions on your manuscript. Time is tight, so it seldom happens. But if it does happen, don't take my input too seriously. I'm just a writer, like you, and my intent is to offer helpful feedback.

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: Sample copy six dollars, annual subscription (4 copies) is twenty dollars made payable to Katy Lawson.

This listing was lated updated on Dec-19-2005.

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