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Poet's Corner Magazine

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL: No Website Available

Description: Poet's Corner is a small quarterly magazine featuring seasonal poetry and biographies of famous poets.


Address: 1806 Whelan Rd

Pullman, WA 99163


Rights: First North American Rights

Needs: Poet's Corner is looking for quality seasonal poetry and nonfiction. We prefer traditional styles, but free verse will be considered as long as it is coherent and uses powerful imagery. Query before sending nonfiction. Poet's Corner also sponsors an annual poetry contest. First prize is $15, reading fee is $2 for up to five poems. Send contest entries with SASE and reading fee to the above snail-mail address.

Length: Open

Art/Photo Needs: None.

Payment: We pay $3 per poem, on publication.

How to Submit: Submit poetry by email, contest entries or non-fiction by snail-mail. Include an SASE if submitting by snail-mail. When submitting by email, please include any alternate email addresses I can reach you at if necessary.

Response Time: We try to respond immediately as often as possible. Responses may take up to two weeks in some circumstances.

Tips for Writers: Read some of the classic poets. Read what's out there in the way of poetry. What do you remember about what you read, and why? Keep in mind when writing that poetry that makes the cut is poetry that catches the eye and keeps it. Be brief, be powerful, be original. What might make it into PC: Inspirational poetry having plentiful seasonal content. Word painting. Studies in color using different forms. What won't make it into PC: Anything containing crude or explicit references to sex or body parts. Don't ask me how this stuff finds its way into my mailbox, but it does.

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: Send $4 to the address listed above for a sample copy. Send check or money order for $10.95 to subscribe to Poet's Corner.

This listing was lated updated on Jun-11-2001.

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