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WORDS literary journal

Publisher: LP wordsolutions

Established: 2001

Frequency: quarterly

Circulation: 150

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: A quarterly print journal of resonant, well-crafted fiction, poetry, memoir, and essays. We also publish the occasional review, and run a flash fiction contest with publication on the website.

Editor(s): Lois Peterson

Masthead URL: Click here for the masthead webpage.


Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Address: 14268-66 Avenue

Surrey, BC V3W2B


Rights: First NA Serial

Needs: Short stories, essays, memoir, personal narrative, poetry. Flash fiction for the Flash Forward page of the website.

We are currently running a contest WORDS in Full Colour. Deadline Jan 15, 2003. Cash and publication for winners. Details at

Length: Fiction - to 4,000 words. Nonfiction to 2,500. Poetry to 55 lines. Please don't send work longer than specified. We will not read it however good it may be. Our wordlength requirement is determined by the size of the journal (64 pp. digest sized,) and our desire to give exposure to a number of writers in each issue.

Payment: One copy of the issue in which your work appears; a discount on additional copies of that issue. Bio note in the print journal; a weblink on our webpage listing each issues content.

How to Submit: Snailmail submissions to WORDS, 14268-66 Ave., Surrey, BC, Canada V3W 2B3. Include a cover letter detailing the submission - genre, length, if previously published or a simultaneous submission, etc. Conform to standard ms. format - ensure author name / title / p.# is included on each page. No long resumes please. A 2-3 line bio note is plenty.

We do accept email submissions that conform the very specific guidelines at the website. Think of it from our point of view. How will they be handled? Just like snailmail ones - printed out, filed etc. so ensure the attached file (in Word or .rtf only) is in standard ms. format, ID'd etc. and use the body of the email as a cover letter - details of submission, contact info etc. Please do not ask us to select work from your website.

Response Time: 2-12 weeks. We do not respond to inappropriate or incomplete submissions or snailmail ones with no SASE. If you haven't heard from us after about 12-14 weeks, contact us by email. We will be able to tell you if your work is still under consideration or has been discarded.

Email submissions receive a very brief response; snailmail ones receive a checklist/anecdotal form response.

Tips for Writers: We're interested in literary work which has a resonant theme and is well-crafted. Send us your best, and conform to the guidelines. Include full details of your submission in the cover page - they are filed separately from manuscripts and we cannot reconcile them if we don't know who wrote what.

For each issue we will work closely with one author to bring their work to publication level; that piece will be chosen based on the strength of its theme, and the potential for the piece with editing. Do watch your language - we have a real bias against cliches (in language, ideas, and setups) redundancy, and repetition. And we are deeply prejudiced against work which uses adverbs.

In poetry, we're more interested in detail, imagery and specifics. Poetry that is based on gereralities and abstractions does not fare well with us.

We look for seduction rather than instruction, involvement rather than lectures. 'Show don't tell' is a hard concept for many writers to grasp - WORDS writers, whether beginners or experienced, have mastered this element of craft.

If you're submitting by snailmail from outside Canda, ensure postage on your SASE is Canadian. If you can't get hold of Canadian stamps, send IRCs, or send loose stamps in your currency which we will exchange for Candadian ones.

We limit submissions to 2 pieces of prose at ne time, and 5 poems. We suggest you send that many at one time - it gives us a choice, and you can use the opportunity to demonstrate the range of styles and topics that you handle. We like to publish 2 poems by selected poets, so a submission of 1 might not be enough to sell us on your work.

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: By mail from the publisher. Details at

This listing was lated updated on Oct-10-2002.

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