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Leafing Through

Publisher: Gorlan Publications

Established: 2004

Frequency: monthly

Circulation: new, starting November

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Short stories to suit all moods and tastes. Something new to catch your eye and feed your imagination

Editor(s): Katharine York


Guidelines URL: Click here for writer's guidelines information.

Rights: Electronic distribution rights

Needs: The aim is provide a range of stories catering for each facet of the reader's personality. That means comedy for light relief; literary fiction for the beauty of the construction; science fiction for the strange yet familiar worlds you create; horror that chills and terrifies rather than appals; more than just the same old sword and sorcery fantasy tales; a touch of romance without soppiness; anything that intrigues me. Mix and match the categories as you see fit. Be original.

Length: Between 1000 and 2500 words

Payment: Payment of £25, or £0.025 per annual subscriber, whichever is higher.

How to Submit: e-submissions only to Microsoft Word, Open Office, rich text file or text file.

Response Time: Ten working days.

Tips for Writers: It's got to capture my imagination, take me on a journey, fascinate me. Give me engaging characters, a plot with conflict and resolution and a story that is more than a vehicle for gore and violence.

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: Read the free short stories currently available on the site to get a feel for acceptable content.

This listing was lated updated on Aug-31-2004.

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