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Publisher: Paul Andrew Dawkins

Established: 2000

Circulation: not applicable

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL: No Website Available

Description: Celebrations is a series of 35 books that will feature letters celebrating loved ones written by people of all ages from around the US

Editor(s): Paul Andrew Dawkins


Phone: 910.488.3953

Fax: 910.488.3953

Address: 1531 Palmer Drive

Fayettville, NC 28303


Needs: CeLEBRATIONS [ISSN 1536-4941]:
We are looking for heartfelt, detailed letters celebrating loved ones and other special individuals (alive or deceased) for this series of books to benefit the not-for-profit, child support organization, THE DAWKINS PROJECT. Letters will be accompanied by photographs of the letter writer, as well as the subject of the letter. Titles in this 35 book series include: [1] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to my mother [ISBN 0-9715016-0-2]
[2] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to father [ISBN 0-9715016-1-0]
[3] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to my brother [ISBN 0-9715016-2-9]
[4] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to my sister [ISBN 0-9715016-3-7]
[5] CeLEBRATINS-notes to my grandmother [ISBN 0-9715016-4-5]
[6] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to my grandfather [ISBN 0-9715016-5-3]
[7] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to God [ISBN 0-9715016-9-6]

Length: open

Art/Photo Needs: For letters accepted for inclusion in this series, the publisher requires a photograph of the letter writer, as well as a photograph of the subject of the letter. Letters can be posed or candid, black and white or color, recent or decades old.

Payment: $25 per letter upon publication of book in which letter appears. First 10 titles should be published by Fall 2002

How to Submit: Submissions can be sent by email at, or by mail at CeLEBRATIONS, 1531 Palmer Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28303

Response Time: two weeks

Tips for Writers: Letter writers should simply focus on writing heartfelt letters celebrating their loved ones.

Sample Copies/Subscription Information: by sending email to

This listing was lated updated on Oct-01-2001.

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